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Why AI writing is dry

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All things have drawbacks, so does AI writing.

To begin with, lack of creativity and originality. AI algorithms rely on existing data, resulting in dry phrases, ideas and stories that do not provide fresh perspectives. Your AI writing assistant cannot stir up emotional responses as effectively as you do.

For example, AI-generated articles are likely to use the same adjectives and descriptions as previous contents on similar scenarios. Readers will find it hard to differentiate between them, in other words, less reader engagement.

Next, the risk of plagiarism must not be ignored as AI paraphrases or draws from existing sources to generate output.

AI’s limitation is apparent when data is scarce or biased. Consequently, the output could be incoherent, erroneous and having little depth.

The hybrid mode combining human and artificial intelligence should be the answer to dry writing for now.

Want to try out AI-writer? Here you go.

Mind you, this post is 100% human writing.


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