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From the Wordsmith: Say hello to "cyborgs" and "autodidacts"

Definitions by

cyborg: “a human being whose body has been taken over in whole or in part by electromechanical devices”

autodidact: “a person who has taught himself”

cyborg, AI-writer, copywriting, translation, AI-assisted content creation, editing, proofreading

So, how are “cyborg” and “autodidact” related to each other?

People are saying the human race has already evolved into an elevated species – the cyborg. Although we do not implant smartphones and other smart devices into our bodies, we are cyborgs in many ways. The evidence? Is your smartphone glued to your hand? For people whom you got to know in the past few years, how many of their phone numbers do you remember? Don’t know something? Never mind, google it.

Some say digital technology is turning our brains to mush. Still, if you are an autodidact, or a self-taught person, you are likely to welcome “cyborgism”.

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