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Polish your e-style to influence effectively

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The competition for users’ attention is growing ever more intense in today’s rising sea of information. Below are 5 helpful takeaways for communicators:

1. You only have 8 seconds to grab your audience’s attention

Human transient attention span, short-term attention to a stimulus, could be as short as 8 seconds as noted in Wikipedia.

2. Place the most important content above the fold

Above-fold-content, i.e. the portion of a web page that is visible when the page first loads and which does not require any scrolling to view, is looked at the most.

3. Calls to action should go to the bottom

Viewers do scroll down. The bottom is the second most viewed portion of the page.

4. Big and bold headlines do catch attention

People’s attention is attracted by big, eye-catching text. When it comes to headline size, the bigger, the better.

5. Chunk the information

Lengthy pieces of text are daunting and boring. Bite-size information is reader-friendly when everyone is a multi-tasker.

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